10 Reasons You Will Love Ordering Flowers Online

Flowers are expressions of thoughtfulness and love, congratulations and sympathy, and a heartfelt way of saying a simple, “I care about you!” Remembering and finding time to express these sentiments in today’s global society can sometimes be challenging. If you moved away from your hometown but still want to send love to your mother on her birthday or just want to keep close with college roommates long after graduation, distance and convenience are major concerns. Fortunately, with new technology, you can stay close to almost anyone, anywhere by ordering flowers online.

Ordering flowers on the Internet has never been so easy and is fast becoming the most popular means of sending the perfect bouquet to friends or loved ones. People from every walk of life are enjoying the benefits of the personal computer, which is proving to be ultra fast, affordable, and surprisingly safe to use for consumers on the prowl for a really good deal. Whether you’ve ordered flowers online before or have just thought about it, here are some great reasons why buying flowers on the Web is not only a terrific idea but will also save you time and money!

1) You know what you are getting! Placing orders through a phone service has classically been luck of the draw. Whether sending flowers to a funeral or as congratulations for a special event, you could give a general idea of what you wanted by phone but had little control over the ultimate style or design. Online ordering allows you to easily pick and choose the style, color scheme, flower varieties, and price range you want! Just click on the pictures that appeal to you most. You can quickly compare options within one site or across multiple sites. This is a wonderful way to assure that your gift sends just the right message.

2) Shop anytime, anywhere! Can’t find time to go shopping? You don’t have to leave your home or office to send flowers. Let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard. You can shop in your pajamas if you want, anytime day or night. It doesn’t matter that other stores are closed; your online florist is always open. Ordering flowers online is fast, and florists are, too. They specialize in same-day and next-day delivery. With many online florists, you can order flowers in the morning for delivery almost anywhere that same afternoon. Of course, at Christmas, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day, it’s best to avoid the rush by ordering a day or two in advance. Otherwise, same day or next day flower delivery is no problem.

3) Never forget an occasion again! Does your day get so entirely hectic that anniversaries, birthdays, and other important occasions simply slip your mind? Most online florists have a free reminder service, so you never have to worry about forgetting a special date ever again! The florist will automatically send you an email about each upcoming event to jog your memory. There’s no obligation, the information is private, and you can add or change dates anytime you want. It’s like having your own private secretary.

4) Professionally designed flowers make a statement. There are services that ship cut flowers in a box along with a vase and instructions. They’re often a bargain, but the recipient has to cut and arrange his or her own flowers. As an alternative, sending a finished arrangement ensures you get your point across without the recipient having “work for” the gift. In other words, while boxed flowers are a good thing, they’re not always the best choice. Much depends on the occasion and recipient. For deliveries to the workplace, a hospital, or a funeral home, arranged flowers are usually best. One thing is certain, it should be YOUR choice, and you’ll find both types of floral gifts when you shop online.

5) Online ordering is one stop shopping! There’s no need to drive from store to store or waste time standing in lines. You can find almost anything you need online. For example, many online florists offer a variety of products such as gift baskets, balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates. So, if you want to send flowers and a fruit basket or roses and balloons, you have that option without having to make separate purchases at different sites.

6) Transactions are safe and simple. Ordering flowers on the Internet is a breeze when it comes to safeguarding your privacy and security. All reputable online florists use secure order forms. Just look for “https” in your address bar when you get to the order form. It means the information you submit is encrypted for privacy. You’ll find it only takes a few minutes to complete your order. All major credit cards are accepted. Plus, if you use a card with reward incentives, you’ll enjoy that added bonus with your purchase.

7) You’ll find lots of helpful information at your fingertips. Unsure about the name of a particular flower? Don’t be embarrassed; your online florist can help. You’ll find product descriptions, flower pictures and names, wedding flower tips, meanings of flowers, care information, decorating ideas, and much more online. Whether you’re a seasoned floral expert or gift-sending novice, online flower shops offer a wealth of free information and resources. You can browse at your leisure, search favorite flower topics, or just enjoy the pictures. It’s like having a complete flower shop right on your PC.

8) Online florists provide their credentials. Examining rooms are decorated with diplomas, which let you see for yourself if the doctor has the credentials necessary to serve your needs. Most reputable Internet ordering sites do the same. Top florists online often have awards and feedback from customers posted conspicuously for your benefit. Look for established florists with industry credentials, customer testimonials, a service guarantee, and a toll-free customer service phone number. Then, you’re sure to be on the right track.

9) Get the benefits of mid- to large-size companies and the personalization of small, local florists in one. Online florists have the systems, staffing, industry connections, and purchasing volume you’d expect from large companies. Most guarantee satisfaction. So, you enjoy the service and prices you deserve. But, they also deliver through a vast network of select smaller florists across the country and around the globe. When choosing florist delivered flowers, your gift is professionally designed and personally delivered by these local flower shops. You get the quality and personal attention of a hometown florist, along with the service and support of a nationwide business, too.

10) Ordering flowers on the Internet makes gifting easy! Ordering flowers on the Internet is the most convenient way to send flowers to almost anyone. Most florists online will have categories based on the occasion, price range, or flower types with which to sort and view the various bouquets. You will love how easy it is to shop for flowers online and how convenient it can be ordering from your home or office.

Flowers and the thought behind them really mean a lot and truly touch people. The classic way to send a gift of flowers has traditionally been telephone ordering. Today, we have the convenience, quality, variety, and control of ordering flowers on the Internet, as well. It’s made our lives easier and made our lives better. Because, after all, it’s not about flowers, it’s about sending a message and staying close with those we care about. That’s what flowers are all about. The Internet just makes sending flowers that much easier.

What you Need to Know about Getting Flowers for your Wedding

Flowers are as vital to a wedding event as the bride-to-be’s gorgeous dress, the wholly embellished cake and the personally designed rings. When selecting flowers for your wedding event, it is not at all like making arrangements for birthday flowers in Sydney and certainly a lot more complicated. For one thing, you have to think about what flowers are in season for the set wedding date and be consistent throughout the different aspects of your wedding that require flowers.

So where to start?

Although some couples opt to go loud and loud when it concerns wedding event flowers, the majority of still choose the rich and standard white.

Before you make the critical decision, it’s always excellent to ask yourself what type of bride you are. Are you trying to find vibrant colours for your wedding flowers, or do you want a more subtle, traditional look with white roses or lilies? Among the leading five most popular wedding flowers worldwide you’ll find roses, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas and peonies. Precisely what’s terrific about roses and lilies in specific is that they are available all year, so you don’t have to stress over in just what season your wedding is happening.


Consider the following:

Wedding event arrangement

Before considering flowers, it might be a great idea to pick which kind of wedding event bouquet you want. The three most famous and favourite shapes are the generally shaped posy bouquet, the teardrop-shaped shower/cascade arrangement and the extended, slim arm arrangement – which rests on your arm.

If your dress is white or creams you will not have an issue because just about any colour will be a good match. However, if you opt to wear a wedding dress of a particular colour, then you would want to get colours that best compliment the dress — red and green, yellow and purple and so on.

Bridesmaids’ flowers also need to follow the same theme and compliment the bridesmaids’ dresses. And the flower lady will be carrying a basket or pail of petals, so remember to take into account which colour petals you want also. For the male members of the wedding celebration, utilise a single buttonhole flower that matches the first kind of flower in your wedding bouquet.

Wedding flowers in your hair

Many brides-to-be strive to select a hairdo for their big day. It’s a big decision which is often really hard to make sense let’s face it: you wish to look your really, absolute best! Some brides eventually decide to keep it natural and leave their hair down. It is often best to go with what feels most comfortable for you.

Wedding flowers at the venue

If the venue you have set for the wedding has an ample open space then it’s always good to make a firm declaration and use large pedestal arrangements placed where they will be seen; at the entrance to the church and close to the altar. You can likewise position single flowers or small arrangements along the aisle on each row of seats. If you have a little civil service, wedding ceremony flowers can brighten up an otherwise dull room.

Wedding party flowers

A fantastic tip for those aiming to adhere to a specific spending plan is to re-use the pedestal plans from the ceremony at the wedding reception. This indicates you will only have the wedding table flowers to take care of. You’ll need a plan for the bridal table along with centrepieces for all the other tables.

Wedding event cake flowers

When it pertains to wedding cake flowers, you will first of all have to choose whether you want real or synthetic flowers on your cake. The good ones are always popular, so most couples choose this. You can then select which style you desire. And if you don’t want flowers on the cake itself, you can have flower decorations on the cake table or just a few petals scattered around on the table.

It’s continuously tricky to decide what type of wedding cake you desire as there are numerous options available. But if you’re going the standard route, a white cake with pretty, delicate marzipan flowers is always a winner. If you have a colour design for all your other wedding event flowers, attempt to stay with it. But if you feel like being various, then go for it! Whatever your option, ensure the cake is decadent and pleasantly irresistible.

So there you have it — a few tips on what to look out for when making arrangements for wedding flowers in Sydney! These pointers ought to be useful and help you realise the big day precisely as you want it to.

The Meaning Behind Birth Flowers

For as long as we all remember, flowers have always been given as gifts for any occasion. We give flowers as gifts simply because flowers are beautiful and their beauty pleases everyone. The act of giving flowers is also a language in itself. Each flower is said to have its very own meaning, and the meaning of a particular flower when given to a person conveys a message that corresponds to the flower’s meaning to that person.

The practice of giving flowers on a person’s birthday dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. The Romans presented flowers on a person’s birthday to honor that person as well as to honor Flora, the Roman goddess of springtime and flowers. Flowers are also given in temples as offering to the gods. How a flower became associated with a particular month and got referred to as a birth flower is simply because the said flower is more in season on that month than on any other month. Over time, birth flowers came to have a special meaning of their own.

January is for Carnations

The carnation is January’s birth flower. It is also called dianthus, meaning “divine flower” or “flower of the gods” in Latin. Hardly surprising it is that the carnation has come to denote pride, beauty and distinction, given its godly name. The carnation is also the flower of affection. To give a person a white carnation is to indicate friendship. Red carnations are synonymous with longing while the pink ones signify romance. Yellow carnations, on the other hand, convey rejection.

February is for Violets

February’s birth flower is the violet, the flower of faithfulness in love and of chastity. In the language of flowers, the violet is given by a lover to his loved one to tell her that he will always stay true. This most applies to the purple-petaled violets. The white ones convey the message of taking the chance of giving her his heart.

March is for Daffodils

The daffodil, the birth flower for March, is the flower that signifies friendship and happiness at home. It is also the flower used to express unrequited love for another person; however, since the daffodil is one of the first flowers to bloom in springtime, it has also come to be seen as the flower for hope in love. Daffodils are also known as narcissus and jonquil.

April is for Daisies

The daisy, one of the most beloved flowers among flower lovers, is the birth flower of April. Innocence and modesty are the virtues associated most with the daisy, largely because of its daintiness despite the boldness of its colors. In the language of flowers, daisies are given by a gentleman to a lady after spending a pleasant time with her.

May is for Lilies of the Valley

Legend has it that the lily of the valley sprouted from the tears wept by Eve when she and Adam were cast away from Eden. However, this birth flower for May is more symbolic of purity, chastity and humility, with its small, bell-shaped blossoms that tend to clump together. The lily of the valley also means “the return of happiness,” which is the reason why it is often used as decorations in weddings.

June is for Roses

The rose, the queen of all flowers, is the birth flower of June. It has long been known as the flower of passion, which each color conveying a message pertaining to love. Red roses mean burning love while pink roses mean deep regard and admiration. White roses are given either as a sign of friendship or of love held in secret. Yellow roses, on the other hand, express jealously or love that is about to die.

July is for Larkspurs

The larkspur can be said to be the floral representation of the expression “wearing one’s heart on the sleeve”. This July’s birth flower is the symbol for openness and lightness, and sometimes for fickleness. Fickleness is the message behind the pink larkspur in the language of flowers, while joy is one behind the white. Purple ones are meant to say that their receiver is a very sweet person.

August is for the Gladiolus

The birth flower for August is the gladiolus, named after gladiators for their sword-like shape. Because of this shape, the gladiolus is also referred to as the flower of strength and courage, as well as for sincerity and forthrightness. In the language of flowers, the gladiolus is supposed to mean “love at first sight.”

September is for Asters

The aster, the birth flower for the month of September, is Latin for star. This dainty flower is supposed to denote faith in one’s love, as well as wisdom and bravery. To give a loved one a bouquet of asters is to ask him or her to take care.

October is for Marigolds

In India, the marigold, the birth flower for October, is considered to be the holiest among flowers. Marigolds are often strung together into necklaces and placed around the necks of religious statues as an offering. In western tradition, however, marigolds are associated with sorrow and the offering of sympathy.

November is for Chrysanthemums

The chrysanthemum, the Imperial flower of Japan, is the birth flower for November. It is another flower that represents friendship, and at times it is also given to someone to signify a secret love and longing for that person. In some countries, the chrysanthemum also stands for death.

December is for Narcissi

The narcissus was once associated with vanity; according to myth, the youth Narcissus became enamored of his own beauty when he saw his own reflection. He died pining for his own beauty and when he died, Apollo turned him into the flower that bore his name. This birth flower of December, however, has become a symbol for fidelity and constancy.

Flowers are lovely gifts to give a loved one regardless of occasion. Making this gift birth flowers make it more meaningful.

Silk Flowers Are Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you are planning a special occasion for your true love or you just have a hobby of collecting silk flowers, then you have taste, and for that you must be applauded. Silk flowers make the most beautiful flower arrangements and you need not worry about the flowers dying on you. They can add character to any dull room, and with the variety of different colors they can brighten up a table. The fabric last and the only cleaning you will probably have to do it wiping the dust off the leaves.

These flowers make beautiful bouquets, and with your creativity you can send a bouquet to a special person in your life…or even to say thank you to someone that has just highlighted your day with just a simple smile or a few words of inspiration. This is also a great way if you want to keep your home full of flowers. Think about it, you won’t have to water flowers again, or if you have always had the habit of forgetting to water flowers – worrying about the poor things dying of thirst.

Don’t think that because they are artificial that they are going to look artificial. Like fresh flowers that need to be replaced after a few days or a few weeks, silk flowers keep their beauty and color time and time again, and the nice thing is that the artificial flowers can be made to look like fresh flowers.

You will probably get questions like, “Where did you get these beautiful flowers?” and “They have been here so long. What are you feeding them that keep their color and freshness?” Obviously it will be up to you to give the secret away, or you could just leave them in suspense about how beauty finds its way into your home and stays there for as long as you want them there.

If you see a certain silk flower that you just love, take notice of it so that you can look for it when you’re planning a special event. There’s many places online that also offer a good selection of silk flowers, so check online too.